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Result and Discussions

I have analyzed the spectrum of different celestial objects in the Andromeda constellation:

First I have analyzed one of the supernovae that Andromeda has with JS9 and at the same time Chandra to obtain the image of the supernova and I have obtained the following graph, which indicates the energy in electron volts (ev) of the area, and with the graph I have been able to find out in each peak which chemical element. To know which chemical element each peak contains, you can see it from a table that tells you what energy each element has.
Then, with the image J, make a calculation to obtain the area of each peak with respect to the total area, and thus obtain percentage there is of each element.
I compared my results with other scientific results and reports and made calculations for the magnitude and distance of some of the objects in the sky.
I made images with an Arizona telescope from the exoplanet lab.