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SN 1885A





I compare my spectrum and results with other professional astronomers:
The website where I found this information was the following: 

Published on June 2, 2011 an article by The American Astronomical Society.

My chemical composition of SN 1885A calculated with JS9 is not similar to that of other scientists . I discovered that this nebula is formed by another element, which does not correspond to those of other scientists.
I discovered that this nebula is formed by titanium.
I searched for more scientific articles in Google Schoolar to see if it actually contains these elements, calcium and manganese, but I didn't find any more elements that make up this nebula.
I have chosen to put these elements because the peaks are very clear and I have looked for how the energy looked and it was more like the peak. What has made me decide on these elements, is that investigating online I found that the stellar objects, it is more common to find these elements than not others.
I looked up the atomic number of the elements that don't match the scientists to show that those spikes match the energies indicated in the graph: